Leading Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Many times termination is warranted either because the position is no longer supported by consumer demand or due to some negative action on behalf of the employee. When a termination is based on discrimination or some other violation of employee rights, it is time to call on one of the many wrongful termination lawyers or those who specialize in employment law to make sure that the employee receives proper relief and compensation.

Huizenga & Hergt Attorneys at Law

The attorneys of Huizenga & Hergt in Detroit, Michigan have been fighting for the rights of wrongfully terminated employees since before the phrase “wrongful termination” existed. Dedicated to employment law dating back to the 1970’s, this firm has led the way in creating legal basis for this type of lawsuit. The lawyers of this groundbreaking firm were among the first in Michigan and New Jersey to present that the employer policy handbook and its promises as potential grounds for a breach of contract. Visit their website at www.huizengahergt.com for more information.

Beranbaum Menken, LLP

This firm focuses on representation of victims in the employment and civil rights categories. The attorneys of Beranbaum Menken, LLP offer the highest quality legal aid through negotiation, counseling, individual litigation or as representative for groups of plaintiffs. Whether your case involves employment law, civil rights, sexual or workplace harassment, or wage disputes, Beranbaum Menken is prepared to offer legal representation via lawyers who are well known, experienced and highly respected in their field. More information is available at www.nyemployeelaw.com.

The Law Offices of Archibald J. Thomas, III, P.A.

This firm prides itself on its commitment to employee workplace rights. Active in the National Employment Lawyers Association, the firm is top rated for professional ability and ethical standards by the Martindale-Hubbell peer review rating service. This firm does not represent employers and focuses on employment law in exclusion of all other areas of the law. If you are looking for a law firm to handle your wrongful termination claim whether for discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, or whistle blowing, the Law Offices of Archibald J. Thomas, III, P.A. can assist. Visit their website at www.job-rights.com.

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Outten & Golden, LLP

The firm of Outten & Golden, LLP holds to a credo of “Excellence and Integrity Above All Else” and specializes in the representation in employment matters. Severance agreements, compensation and benefits complaints, discrimination and harassment claims, collective wage and hour, and whistleblower claims all fall into their realm of expertise. O&G will represent you for EEOC and Department of Labor proceedings or through federal and state court processes. Experienced in negotiation tactics and strategies, O&G can assist in mediation of employment disputes prior to trial as well. Find out more at www.outtengolden.com.

If you feel that your employment termination was in fact a violation of your rights, it’s important to seek professional legal advice to help you navigate the legal proceedings. The law firms listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nationwide wrongful termination lawyers who will help you fight to remedy your injustice.

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